How to tie your blog and your social media following together

You’ve got a blog and you’ve got a social media following. For all intents and purposes, you’ve got a dynamic digital marketing toolbox at your fingertips.

Social media and small business blogs have something of a symbiotic relationship. One can be used to feed the other and vice versa.

Consider this scenario

You run a local pub and are looking to expand your craft beer offerings.

You post on your pub’s Facebook page that you’re asking for suggestions from your patrons. You set a deadline for ideas and tell your followers to check on your blog for the top 5 contenders. Meanwhile, as you watch the feedback roll in on your Facebook page, you use the suggestions as fodder for blog post ideas.

Keeping in mind the ideas from How to Come up with Blog Post Ideas for your Small Business Blog, you can provide histories of each beer type, lists of little known facts about hops and ale, or even a brief write-up of why you’re adding new beers.

Once the Facebook fans have spoken, post the winning list on your blog and include a link to the Facebook page. Similarly, post the blog link on your Facebook page.

You’re now generating content that’s flowing back and forth from your blog to Facebook, back to your blog, back to Facebook (you get the picture). Now add in a few more social media platforms and, voila, you’re generating content about your business and engaging a loyal fan base.

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