How to Come up with Blog Post Ideas for your Small Business Blog

ComputerIn a previous blog post, Should you create a blog for your small business, I talked about why you would want to create a blog for your small business. In this post, I’ll talk about how to come up with things to write about.

Darren Rowse, who is an amazing writer and blogger on his own site, wrote an extremely helpful post on this item on LinkedIn. You can read at : 56 Ideas For Blog Posts for Your Business Blog.

Some of the items on his list may seem simple to someone who has been running a business, but to a potential new customer, it’s a golden opportunity to learn about the product (or the people) that make up the business.

Consider a few of his suggestions:

  • Customer frequently asked questions
  • How did the company get its name?
  • How (or why) was the company formed?
  • What does a ‘day in the life’ look like for someone in your business?
  • What items would you put on a checklist for your customers? Potential customers?

Your blog should help create a good feeling about your business for your customer or potential customer. To gain a customer — or even better, to keep them coming back — you want to craft a ‘buyer experience.’

You can think of your blog as your constantly working customer service portal. Use your blog to answer frequently asked questions about your business, about your ideas or even about your recommendations. Again, the options are endless.

In my experience, not only with my own clients but also in my digital marketing career, I’ve found list posts are great for coming up with quick and easy blog ideas.

Consider these:

  • Top 5’s. Examples: Top 5 items in my workout bag; Top 5 sites for your social media toolbox)
  • Our Favorite Things. Great for companies with several employees
  • X Things You Should Know/Didn’t Know About ________. Example: 10 Things You didn’t know about Chef George; 10 Things you should know about belly dancing

TIP: Brainstorm with your team (or yourself) on every possible topic for a list post. Remind everyone to think back to when they were a new customer or employee and what they wished they’d known. Those brainstorming sessions can serve as great blog fodder for days and months to come.

List posts are also a great way to get your social media fans involved with your business.

And that’s what’s up next on the 276 Media blog.


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