Facebook Group vs. Page: Which is right for your small business?

FACEBOOK Page versus GroupMany digital marketers include Facebook in their marketing toolbox. As one of the most well-known social networks, you’d be hard-pressed to not find a brand or a business without a presence on the site.

If you’re preparing to set up a Facebook presence for your small business, you have one of two options:

  • a Facebook page
  • a Facebook group

There is no right or wrong answer; however, one type has benefits that the other does not. I’ll explain them below.

Facebook Page

In the simplest terms, a Facebook page is the business or brand equivalent of a personal Facebook profile. Included in a Facebook page are very similar options you’d find on your friends’ or family’s Facebook profiles such as:  About the business or brand,  Photos or photo albums relating to the business or brand, as well as Events and Milestones.

A Facebook page can be followed, liked or subscribed to by anyone and there are no limits to the number of people who can like or subscribe to that page. It is a good option for those businesses who would like a low maintenance Facebook presence.

Facebook Page Pros:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Little work required by page owner(s)

Facebook Page Cons:

  • Because anyone can like or subscribe to it, it makes it easier for competitors (or anyone whom you don’t want knowing your business) to have access
  • Similarly, because anyone can “Like” a page, it’s difficult to determine who your best fans are.

Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is similar to a Facebook page; however, a Facebook Group has the option of being an open or closed space for its members.  Similar to a discussion board or forum, a Facebook group can be a members’ only space, where only those who are granted entry can comment on a post. Facebook Groups have similar About, Photo and Event-posting options to that of a personal page or a business/brand page.

A Facebook group can be a good option for those businesses or brands that prefer to regulate who can see what is taking place. This type of page is ideal for small groups or those with a very specific focus.

Facebook Group Pros:

  • Can be monitored more closely than a Facebook page; admittance is based on the group owner(s)’ preference
  • Group members can be removed from the group
  • The page owner(s) are in complete control

Facebook Group Cons:

  • Requires more upkeep than a Facebook page
  • Can be time-consuming due to the nature of admitting members to the group
  • Difficult to delete a Facebook group

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