50 Shades of Content Marketing: To Pursue or Not to Pursue

Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced this in my own dating life, but I’ve noticed a trend lately in SEO and content marketing where the pursuer (the brand) comes on hot and heavy and won’t relent until the pursued (the website visitor) complies.

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business and want to compete with the ‘big guys’ for share of market, it may feel like you need to come on strong with your website visitors.

Trust me. You don’t.

It’s a piece of advice I’ve often heard in regard to dating and relationships, but I think it’s worth remembering, and sharing, when it comes to content marketing: Just Be Your Great, Big, Wonderful Self.

A Page from the Dating Playbook

I’ve been in romantic relationships where I was the one doing the pursuing most of the time. I’ve been an Alpha-ish female for most of my adult life, so it’s often felt natural to be in charge and to ‘drive’ the relationship in the direction I think it should go. Rarely, if ever, have the relationships that started out this way lasted for very long.

I started to notice a shift in the romance department when I stopped trying to force relationships, and just let them happen naturally.

Where Dating Meets Content Marketing

Like relationships, if someone wants to invest their time in you (or your brand/company), you’ll know it.

  • They’ll ask for your phone number
  • They’ll find out about your business by looking around at your website
  • They’ll sign up to receive emails from you
  • They’ll visit your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and check you out

If they have lukewarm feelings about your brand, they may check out your website or like one of your Facebook posts. That’s good news for your lead-generation, but be careful not to come on too strong; you’ll risk scaring them right into the arms of your competitor.

But, Dating/SEO Coach Erin, what should I do?

Remember that aforementioned advice to be yourself? It works in content marketing too.

  • Small business with an incredible work ethic? Don’t downplay it; be proud of it! Do the occasional blog post about another satisfied customer and share it everywhere you can.
  • First business of your kind in town? Be sure to let your website visitors and potential clients know that throughout your site, blog and social channels.
  • Do you have an interesting perspective you can offer your potential clients? Sometimes that’s all it takes to capture someone’s attention.
  • Do you have an incredible wealth of information about a topic relating to your business? Use it to generate content for your site and your blog. In fact, use all of that information to generate content that will put you above and beyond your competitors.

Just like in life, you’ll stand out — and above the competition — when you remember that your uniqueness is your value proposition.

Content and Audience Relationship

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