Hear what others have to say

Erin is a great teacher. When I started at Putman, Erin was the one who had to train me in all things digital media — and she had to do it in three days. In order to be a great teacher, you must have great knowledge in the subject matter. Erin has the knowledge. She broke down the tasks in to manageable pieces and empowered me to move forward on my own. She did not simply give me the fish, she taught me to fish. And when I have questions, she is always there to offer her insight and encouragement.  I am so happy to have Erin in my network — I am certain in 20 years I will still be asking her questions and she will still be offering answers. ~ T. Purdum, Putman Media

Erin pays meticulous attention to detail. Through implementing new processes and careful record keeping, she kept track of a dozen people, three print titles and a Web site, making sure all deadlines were met. Her patience and persistence are impressive. ~ Kimberly Sweet, CVS Caremark Corporation

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